Thanks to come in About US Page,  I feel very happy to create this blog and sharing information about traveling with you!. 
In this blog I'm trying to discribe the  all sides of the world by telling the countries culture and traveling tips.

There is some categories are as follows.

1. Tips .  
In the tips category you can find the best tips about traveling. How to travel , how save money during traveling, best places in the world for raveling , cheapest places in the world for traveling, etc. 

2. Indonesia 
Indonesia is the biggest islamic country in the World.
In Indonesia there is hundreds of places for visiting, these places are incredibly beautiful. 
In this blog I will tell how to travel in Indonesia in cheapest price, how To book hotel in indonesia , most beautiful places in Indonesia and culture.

3. USA
In the category I discribe about United States of America. How to travel and book hotels in USA, beautiful places in USA and the best things to do in USA all In one blog .

4. Europe
At number four category I'm about Europe countries. Best blaces, traveling tips, etc.

5. Asia 
In this category I telling about the best things about Asian countries . 
Mostly People of every country thinks the Asian countries not good for traveling but they wrong.!  The best places for traveling are in The Asian countries, mostly In Pakistan, the incredible and the most beautiful places are here In the Asia Pakistan. I will suggest to everyone to visit Pakistan at least once in your life!.

6. Africa
The last category is Africa.
in this category I'm trying to tell beautiful wild life mostly of Africa is the world best place for visiting and traveling. 
Traveling tips, hotels booking,etc.

This is All From Us. Hope you get great information from our blogs .
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Travel Ginz

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